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Welcome to the Bar

Care for a Martini While You're Here?

Will Sue for Porn
15 May 1973
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I grew up on a farm and attended the University of Illinois. I miss college dreadfully as I took a lot of naps; that ability is absent in my life at this point. After deciding that my Psychology major was useless (well, that happened after my freshman year, but I didn't feel like switching majors) I applied to law school and ended up at the University of Miami. I married my husband after my first year there. Now he and I, and our overly spoiled dog live in KC. Now that I've been practicing law for almost 8 years, I have come to one inescapable conclusion - I should have gone to medical school.
Other things you need to know: I'm a Buffy addict. I watch way too much TV. My writing muse comes and goes, right now, she's gone. I'd love to write a book, maybe it will happen someday. I have one tattoo, and I want more, but the society of legal America frowns on body markings. I find that a lot of my personality gets hidden while I'm at work. About the only thing I do to rebel on a regular basis is change my hair color frequently; generally a basecolor of brown, but you never know if you're going to get red, blond, or almost black highlights. Or any combination thereof.